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UVT-SV Technical Information


1. End of lamp life: At “0” days, screen will display “A3”

i. Alarm: Red light flashing, buzzer 1 second on, 5 seconds Off

ii. Defer Alarm up to 4 times: Press and Hold on the “S” button for 5 seconds until the screen displays “dELy” then release the button and the display will show “7” and the will be no audible alarm but the red light will be flashing.

iii. The UV lamp must be replaced to reset the lamp life valid days to 365 days to terminate the alarm after the final “7” days.


2. Change Lamp Instructions

i. Disconnect power supply

ii. Remove expired (or failed) lamp then install new lamp.

iii. Press and hold on the “S” button for 10 seconds until the screen displays “rSEt” after 2 seconds the screen will read “365” and there will be an audible tone, then release the “S” button.


3. Lamp Failure: The screen displaying remaining days will freeze, the red light will be flashing and buzzer will be sounding, 1 second on 1 second off. The system will remain in this state until the lamp is changed.


4. Ballast Failure: Blank screen.

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