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Find out what's really in your water..

Whether you are on rain, bore or river supply, we can determine the quality of your water This is easily achievable by using a Mountain Fresh water testing kit!

We test Nationwide!


Why test your water?

Untreated water supplies can easily be affected by contaminations leaving them undesirable or even dangerous to use. They tend to effect infants, young children, elderly or people with low immune systems. They can also have long term effects on healthy people. Don't take the risk. Have your water tested.

Tests Available:

Routine Water Test $251.30 + freight
Arsenic                                            $63.25 + freight
Chlorine & Fluoride  $97.75 + freight
Fluoride $43.13 + freight
Chlorine  $54.63 + freight
E-Coli $103.50 + freight
Aluminium  $63.25 + freight
Manganese  $63.25 + freight
Lead $63.25 + freight
Copper  $63.25 + freight
Water Hardness, Magnesium & Calcium $69.00 + freight
Iron  $56.93 + freight
Aluminium Lead, Cadmium $97.75 + freight
PH $45.43 + freight
Nitrate $34.76 + freight


If the test you are looking for isnt listed above, please contact us for a quote!


Taking the test is simple..

Step 1. Decide to get a water test done.
Step 2. Call or email us on 0800 787 342 or with your concerns.
Step 3. We will courier you a water testing kit out to your doorstep.
Step 4. You will receive the testing kit which will contain three sample containers which are all required for one test, they should all be filled from one sampling point. The kits are provided with full instructions. The samples must then be returned to the Laboratory within 24 hours and less than 10 degrees, otherwise the results will not be valid.
Step 5. Your water will be tested, when we receive the results we will analyse these and advise you on which water treatment system is best for your situation.

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