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Dear Auckland Dental and Mountain Fresh,

Funding towards water filter at our centre

Thank you for your kind funding towards our newly installed water filter at the Waiuku Netball Centre. In the short time it has been in, it has been a hit. Knowing that people are opting for our nice fresh water over fizzy drinks has been such a win for us.

We are a volunteer run netball centre and we work hard to keep our centre up and running and we appreciate every bit of help we can get so thank you again.

I have attached photos so you can see the water filter in use and being appreciated.

Kind regards

Waiuku Netball Centre



To the team at Mountain Fresh,

I'd just like to say a huge thanks for the fantastic service you and your team provided me recently.

I first met you and your team at the Auckland Home Show in 2011, at this time we were house hunting. You took down my details and said you would call me in 6 months to see how I was getting along. You kept true to your word and phoned me, at which time we had just purchased our new home. To my dismay the water coming out of our new taps tasted somewhat like a muddy pond.

After a week of consuming only bottled water it was time to take serious action before my family and I created our own landfill of drink bottles.

Within 24hours of speaking to you on the phone you arrived at my house to save me - and the planet!! You quickly advised on what model water filter I required and arranged one of your team to install the filter the following day. You were also able to replace the water filter on my fridge - now that's going the extra mile!

You totally exceeded my expectations with your professionalism and outstanding customer service.

The whole experience was cost effective, timely and efficient, and the installation was fast, clean and tidy.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your team to anyone considering adding a water filter to their home.

I look forward to the next phone call reminding me it's time to replace my filters!!

Thanks to the team at Mountain Fresh your a 10/10!

Jodie Fitchett



"To Whom it May Concern

I am happy to provide verbal confirmation as to the quality of workmanship, stainless steel shower and drinking fountain that Mountain Fresh installed in three reserves in Devonport.

I was very pleased with pre-sales and after sales service provided by Mountain Fresh.

Cheers and Best Regards...
Norman Watson
Parks Officer Devonport"



"To Whom It May Concern...

Mt Roskill Grammar School recently installed a drinking fountain and tap with filtered water, using a Mountain Fresh Water Filter Cartridge System. The tap and drinking fountain immediately found favour with students. They comment"

"This water tastes far better".

"Its pure and tastes nice".

It is cooler and healthier than the other taps".

Students have abandoned the existing drinking fountains  and will happily queue during interval and lunchtime to fill their drink bottles or to drink the filtered water. It is the School's intention, when possible, to install further filtered water drinking fountains for student use.

K Rapson


Mount Roskill Grammar School"



"My Mountain Fresh Purifier is a brilliant product. I am on tank supplied water and got my first load of water the other day and it burnt my throat. The water I get from my filter never burns my throat and it tastes so good."

Isobel Jones,




"Dear Mountain Fresh

I am writing to thank you for the supply of the water purifier, which i have been using extensively. Through training for race walking I have to replace a large amount of water during the day. The purifier has made drinking water a more pleasant experience due to a cleaner taste.

All the best for now

Regards, Chris"



 "Hi there,

The water purifier is going GREAT!! Thanks so much for all your help you were brilliant!

You have provided the best customer service I have come across lately and commend you on your wonderful efforts. It was much appreciated.


D Wallace"


"To the Team at Mountain Fresh,

I have been meaning to write this letter of compliment, since purchasing a Mountain Fresh Pure Water filter from you at 'The Home Show' this year.

I can't speak more highly of your product and have found it to have made a considerable difference to the amount of water my family and I are now drinking. Before we installed the Pure Water filter I couldn't get my son to drink town supply water from the tap, however he is now drinking up to 3 glasses of Pure Water a day.

I have shown a friend of mine, who is building a new new home, how good Mountain Fresh is and have passed on your number, I believe she is now in the process of installing a Mountain Fresh Purifier in her house.

Your doing an excellent job, keep up the good work.

Kind Regards,

Julia H"



"To Whom It May Concern,

This is just a note of confirmation of how thrilled we are with Mountain Fresh, it's product and after service care. The filtered water is certainly fresh tasting, clean and safe, in fact my urologist was so pleased to hear I was drinking filtered water, (4 litres per day!) and might I add it has kept me out of hospital for a good couple of years! I have only been on Mountain Fresh for 12 months, but during that time my skin has cleared of brownish pigmentation, my kidneys have felt the benefits of filtered water and I have not had renal pain (colic) and I have a healthier lifestyle with diet and exercise included.

The 4 litres a day simply gave me motivation. I have also just had my first operation on my right kidney where a large staghorn stone was shattered, leaving me free of urinary tract infections. The key to keeping free of this also lies in the amount of water I continue to drink daily. I also have a cat who is elderly and used to have a problem with building kidney crystals and he too is on Mountain Fresh! In fact his previous vet had all his animal patients on nothing but filtered water, he told me it was always difficult to get cats to drink tap water, but filtered water was a simple solution, they loved it!

Once again, many thanks to Mountain Fresh for helping me to change my life in a very positive way. May we have a long future together.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Lorison"



"Dear Mountain Fresh,

I have now had my water filter installed for two weeks. The plumber made a very neat job of putting it in, and I'm delighted with it.

I'd like to say a big thank you for all the trouble you've taken to get the correct parts for me. I'd certainly reccommend Mountain Fresh for after sales service, and for assuring customer satisfaction.

Thank you again for your attentive service.

Sincerely, Mr Gallaghan"



"Hi Ashley,

Thanks heaps for the prompt service. I have never received such quick customer service before. 

I am actually overwhelmed with your follow up and responses. 

Thank You

I will send the other filter back on Friday. 

If there is any difference in payment, please let me know and I will be able to sort that out. 

Thanks Again. 

James A"



Hi Kim,

Just wanted to say what excellent customer service from Mountain Fresh provided.  From the online order to delivery and knowing our old tap would need a few extras and throwing that in.  I replaced the tap and perfect!  I placed the order online, and within a couple of hours it was dispatched and received early the next day!

Thanks so much - great to see your level of customer service!

Please pass on to all involved.


Richard B



Via our website

I had cause to need a replacement part ( not a fault of the product). I found your staff to be very friendly, prompt and reliable. Your web site is user friendly and informative.
My new tap filter is now up and running. It gives me confidence that the purchase of your product was absolutely the right decision.

Darryl B



From Birchville School

Our children absolutely love drinking out of the fountains, they have been well used and the fountains look awesome.

Thanks for your help & have a Merry Christmas.

Kind regards
Anne McPhie



Reference from Ken who has a Mountain Fresh 3-Stage System installed - 

"Spoke to the team at North Shore House and Garden Show. Told him that since installing the twin filter unit and magnetiser I purchased at the 2016 show, my wife and I have had relief from eczema that we suffered from. Symptoms have cleared completely. Purchased a new KDF cartridge at the show."


Hi Mike,

Just wanted to thank you all for getting the fountain to us on time and pushing it through faster than normal.

Also thanks for the sharing your plumbing contact with us.

Our drinking fountain has been installed and working as of today I have been advised.
(I haven’t been able to see it yet)

But again many thanks ????

Kind regards

Mangere Lawn Cemetery Trust Board


Great thanks James 

Your company has really good reviews which is why I chose to call you
ille be adding to this !! Wonderful knowledgeable service which made it very easy for me !!! Please let your management know how great you are with service ??

Sheena Paton


Hi Kim

Just to let you know that my water filter replacement has now arrived safety 

I have just now, paid the invoice through internet banking


Thanks so much for you help and excellent communication. 

Great customer service


Kind regards



Good morning


I am writing to say a very big thank you for the Mountain Fresh Water filter which arrived yesterday by courier.  It was very much appreciated and I will do my best to promote your company to as many people as I can.

As a Lion of 35 years service in my community it was a lovely surprise to win something back, especially something that I had just decided I needed in my home! 

Thank you for supporting Lions Clubs. Your support enables Lions Clubs and Lions members to keep on giving service in our communities.

Kind regards




“We are very happy with the drinking fountain, I’m pleased to report it is frequently used and looks great”
- 5 Mile Bay Residents Assn Taupo 


“Our tamariki love the new drinking fountains and at the end of lunch there is always a line of students eager to drink”
-Kerer? Park Campus



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