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We’re Mountain Fresh. A health and wellness company dedicated to providing New Zealander’s with pure water wherever they are. Our vision is to help you become the healthiest version of yourself while making a positive and lasting impact on our environment.

It all began back in 1992 when our founder was sick of purchasing expensive bottled water and instead bought a water purifier. He was so impressed with the product that he had to share it with everybody.  

Since then, we have become the country's leading supplier of all things water filtration and to this day, remain New Zealand owned and operated. With over 55,000 households now sipping water from their Mountain Fresh water filter, we’re also popping up in local businesses, parks, and schools. 

We’re committed to innovation and are constantly evolving to deliver a product that is simple, effective and able to be enjoyed by everyone. 

From small households, to large industrial estates - we have a solution for you. To help choose a water filter that is best suited to you, take our quick quiz by clicking here.

Concerned about your water quality? Call us today, we can help.

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