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Do you really know what’s in the water you are drinking and bathing in? Mountain Fresh offers a complete range of domestic and commercial water filtrations systems so that you can be confident that you are drinking, cooking and bathing with clean, pure and chemical-free water

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Get more energy from drinking water.


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You are 70% Water

Water is essential to every body function, It is also inexpensive and calorie-free, making it the perfect drink for weight loss.

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Feeling Tired?

Get more energy from drinking water throughout the day.


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On tank water?

Untreated water supplies can be easily affected by contaminations leaving them undesirable or even dangerous to use.

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Latest News

Water for Schools Campaign

Mountain Fresh have recently teamed up with the Auckland Dental Association to promote the importance of drinking water instead of other drinks such as juice and fizzy drink. We see too much of this in primary, secondary and intermediate schools.

With the bright idea from the Auckland Dental Association we have joined forces and are able to offer all Auckland Primary Schools, Mountain Fresh Drinking Fountains at a discounted rate. We offer this discount and the Dental Association will match our discount which means you can get up to $200 off any Mountain Fresh Purified Drinking Fountain! Like what you hear? Call or message us for more information.

Encourage the youth of New Zealand to reach for water, not a sugary replacement.

Check out our full range of drinking fountains by clicking here

#waterforschools #wateronlyschools


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