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Water Tank Treatment - Huwa San


Water Tank Treatment


Huwa.San Water Tank Treatment is suitable for the safe disinfection of water in domestic and commercial water storage tanks used for drinking water to home, baches, holiday homes, camping grounds, lodges, cafes, farm-stays, boats, caravans and motorhomes.


Water collected from roofs, streams, or other untreated sources in the environment can rarely be relied upon to consistently provide safe drinking water. Even water that is safe when collected can quickly become infected in storage tanks and plumbing systems, and without some form of protection, dangerously high levels of harmful pathogens can quickly take over. Because the quality of water can change so quickly, and unpredictably, very few people these days drink untreated water by choice.

Studies of rainwater tanks in New Zealand have consistently shown that a large percentage of the population regularly drink water from water supplies that are dangerously infected by pollutants.

Huwa.San provides a safe way to treat small commercial and domestic water supplies, such as on farms, holiday homes, camping grounds and many others in a way that is safe, effective, and uncomplicated.

Huwa.San is a highly effective natural disinfectant that is fully biodegradable into just oxygen and water, is non-toxic, and produces no harmful disinfection by-products in the water.

Huwa.San Water Tank Treatment can also be used as a versatile general purpose anti-viral disinfectant, ideally suited to a wide variety of uses where the ability to destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungal and mould spores on surfaces is required. Used undiluted, for very badly affected surfaces, or diluted with up to three litres of clean water per two litres of Huwa.San, it can be used very safely to destroy mould spores on surfaces in wet areas, or following flooding damage to buildings.



Huwa-San - Water Tank Treatment

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