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UV41L & UV79L Technical Information

The UV controller counts down the number of days until a lamp change is required. The operation is as follows:

Once the lamp has seven days remaining until a lamp change is required, the screen changes to a yellow caution screen. At this point, an audible chirp is given off by the ballast to draw your attention to the pending lamp change condition. When the controller passes the zero day threshold, the screen changes to solid red and cycles between a red “lamp expired” screen and a “water may be unsafe for consumption” screen. The same intermittent audible chirp is heard throughout this lamp expired sequence.

At any point during this sequence, the audible chirp can be deferred by holding the controller button down for a period of five seconds. The screen shown below will appear for five seconds indicating that the audible defferal has been activated and then the system switches back to the current lamp change or lamp expired screen. This audible deferral will last for seven days after which then the alarm will sound once again. This audible deferral feature can be activated as many times as you wish.

PLEASE NOTE: During the condition of lamp expiration and audible deferral, the water may be unsafe for consumption.


How to reset the controller after a lamp change

After changing the lamp, the controller must be reset in order for the system to begin its countdown function on the newly installed lamp. To perform this reset, you must firmly depress the button on the front of the controller and then manually plug the power cord back into the wall outlet initiating power to the unit. Keep holding down the button for five seconds until you hear an audible chirp indicating the controller has reset the internal timer. Release the switch and the lamp countdown feature has now been reset. The following two screens will be displayed during this process.


Power Supply Failure Modes

The POWER SUPPLY controller continuously monitors your UV system and if there is a problem with the system the controller will provide both a visual and audible signal indicating the specific fault that may be adversely affecting the operation of your system. The fault conditions are as follows:

Lamp Failure 

If at any time during the operation of the system, the UV lamp fails to be illuminated, the controller will return both an audible and visual signal indicating lamp failure. In addition, a constant audible buzzer will sound during lamp failure.

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