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Ultraviolet Sterilisation

Do you use rain or bore water at home or work?

Your water may be unsafe for drinking cooking and cleaning. A UV Sterilisation system can ensure that your water is safe to use.
If you are on tank, bore, rain, well or spring water that is untreated then we would suggest to concider installing a Mountain Fresh Ultra Violet System.
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What is UV sterilisation and why is it needed for homes that use tank, bore, rain, well or spring water?
If not managed properly, water can become a brilliant breeding ground for nasty bacteria and viruses. Rain water collected from your roof can contain bird and rat droppings, defecant from possums and wild cats dirt, rotting organic material and any other number of contaminants blown in on a slight breeze. There is serious risk to infants, the elderly and to people who are already sick if they come into contact with these bugs. In urban areas, most households are connected to council-supplied water which is treated and made safe to drink.
But what if your water comes from somewhere else? Maybe it is pumped from a nearby stream; maybe you collect rain water or use a bore. In these cases you may need to treat your own water to make sure it meets potable water standards.
Ultra Violet water sterilisation is recommended by councils as the best water treatment to deal with this contaminated water and the local council regulations now demand that Ultra violet sterilisation is used on all new properties or any new house renovations taking place.



UV systems attack nasty bugs at a cellular level

Before water enters your home we run it though our UV treatment system to completely stop bad bugs in their tracks. As water runs through the system it is subjected to completely safe UV irradiation rays which penetrate and destroy the make-up of cells rendering them incapable of multiplying. We also run all of the water though pre-filters which work to remove heavy sediment
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Choosing an UltraViolet unit perfect for you

Underbench LED Based Disinfection UV System Underbench LED Based Disinfection UV System
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Premium Residential UV Kit 41lpm Premium Residential UV Kit 41lpm
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Premium Residential Light Commercial UV Kit 79lpm Premium Residential Light Commercial UV Kit 79lpm
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