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Residential Underbench UV Kit 4lpm

This is a mini under bench Ultra Violet Sterilisation system that can purify 4 litres per minute. A perfect UV System if you have enough room under your kitchen sink, in a motorhome or if you are only concerned about the quality of your drinking water.

Untreated water supplies can be easily effected by faecal and other contaminants leaving them undesirable or even dangerous to use. Anyone can be vulnerable, especially infants, young children, the elderly or people with low immune systems. They can also have long term health effects on healthy peoplle. Don’t take the risk! If you are on tank, bore, rain, well or spring water that is untreated then we would suggest to concider installing a Mountain Fresh Ultra Violet System.

The Mountain Fresh Ultra Violet Sterilisation System will remove or reduce bacteria, E-coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, hepatitis, legionella, salmonella, streptococcus, campylobacter, sediment, dirt, debris, chlorine, chemicals & also imrpove the taste & odour of your whole house water supply!
Ultra Violet Kit includes:
1x Stainless steel reactor
1x Quartz sleeve
1x Ultra violet lamp
1x Electronic ballast with alarm
2x  Pre-filter housings
1x 1 Micron carbon or pleated filter
1x 20 Micron pleated filter


Expected delivery time of 3-5 business days. Overseas shipping is sometimes available on request. Please contact us to check.

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Features and Benefits

Reduced, convenient size

Installed under the kitchen bench, this ultraviolet purifier sterilises all the kitchen water at 4 liters per minute. This safeguards you and your family from nasty contaminants that could otherwise be found in drinking water, or water used for cooking. 

Removes 99.9% of contaminants with no added chemicals

Ultraviolet irradiation destroys 99.9% of harmful contaminants including bacteria and viruses with no harmful chemicals added leaving you and your family with pure and safe drinking water.

Easy on the environment

Mountain Fresh ultraviolet systems use around the same amount of energy as a 60 watt light bulb making UV sterilisation an energy efficient and cost effective way to increase water quality.

Protect expensive appliances

By removing sediment from your household water, it prevents damage to expensive appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, hot water cylinders and ceramic taps.

Technical Specs

Unit Code: UV1GPM

Port Size: 1/4"

Overall Length: 278mm

Overall Width: 80mm

Overall Diameter: 80mm

Flow Rate: 4lpm

Lamp Current Draw: 14W

Lamp/Quartz Quantity Needed: 1


For Technical Information and FAQ click here

What is ultra-violet light?

Ultraviolet light is at the invisible, violet end of the light spectrum. Although we cannot see UV light, we are exposed to UV rays from all light sources, including the sun.

A distinctive trait of UV light is the range of its wavelengths, they are between 200 and 300 nanometers (billionths of a meter) and are categorised as germicidal which means they are capable of inactivating microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. This ability has allowed the spread of UV light as an environmentally friendly, chemical-free and highly effective option ensures pure and safe drinking water.


How does UV light work?

UV-C rays pierce the cells of harmful bacteria and viruses in our drinking water, destroying their ability to reproduce. Without this ability, these organisms die and no longer pose a health threat. It is a simple but very effective process, with the system destroying 99.99% of harmful microorganisms.


What are the benefits of using UV?

For decades, chlorine has been successful in water treatment. However some organisms such as cryptosporidium and giardia are chlorine-resistant. Ultraviolet sterilisation is the ideal way of eliminating any waterborne bacteria or viruses while avoiding harmful disinfection by-products.


 What is included in each kit?

2 x 10" Housings and mounting brackets

1 x 10" 20 Micron Pleated Filter

1 x 10” 1 Micron Carbon or Pleated Filter

1 x UV Reactor Chamber, Quartz sleeve and tube (4lpm)

1 x Electronic Ballast


Can I install the unit myself?

No. The unit must be installed by a certified plumber.


Will it use a lot of energy?

No – it uses around the same amount of energy as a 60 watt light bulb, making UV sterilisation a cost effective way to increase water quality.


How many litres of water per minute will the unit sterilise?

Up to 4 litres per minute, ideal for residential applications.


What is the warranty on this product?

UV Lamps have a 12 month pro-rata warranty.

The power supply has a 5 year pro-rata warranty if a manufacturing fault is found to be the cause. Warranty is void if the fault is due to installation or moisture damage.


How often is the tube and filters replaced?

The UV tube and two pleated filters are all replaced annually. Although the pleated filters may be washed up to three times a year if required to remove sediment build-up.


Can it be installed outside?

No. The UV unit must be installed somewhere weather and moisture proof. If you wish to install the unit outside, you may be required to build an enclosure for this.


Do I need this to comply with the building code?

If you are building a new house that has an untreated water supply, you are required by law to treat the water to a safe standard.  Clause G12 of the Building Code states that water intended for human consumption, food preparation, utensil washing or oral hygiene must be potable.


How do I know if my water is infected or not?

Your water quality can change from day to day. There are symptoms that may indicate that your water is contaminated including:

  • Upset stomachs, vomiting or diarrhoea.
  • Feeling not 100%, low, weak, not sick but not well.
  • Having unwell children with low immune systems leaving them vulnerable to catching sickness.
  • Depleted, low immune system.
  • Weight loss, nausea, lack of appetite, dehydration symptoms.

Mountain Fresh can also arrange water tests, for more information click here.


Suitable for untreated water supplies such as rain, river or bore water.


With an output of 4 litres per minute, this system is perfect to be installed under the kitchen benchtop to sterilise all the kitchen water. 

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