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Why Increasing Your Water Intake During Summer Is Important

The importance of drinking water in the warmer months

Throughout the warmer months, our bodies try to cool down through the natural process of sweating, which in turn can cause dehydration. This means it’s especially important for us to drink more water, as less water in the human body can lead to various ailments. 

There are various factors that determine an individual’s water intake needs:

  1. Environment | If the weather is hot and humid, chances are you’ll sweat more meaning you’ll need to drink more water.
  2. Activity levels | If you’re exercising frequently or undertaking any other activity that makes you sweat, you’ll need to up your water intake to replace the fluids that you lose.
  3. Overall health | If you have a fever or other kinds of illness, you may lose more water than usual. This can further dehydrate you.
  4. Pregnancy or breastfeeding | If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you’ll need to consume extra fluids to keep your body hydrated.


Benefits of drinking water

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