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Benchtop Bottle Water Cooler

A great option if lack of floor space is an issue!
Portable, freestanding bottle water cooler with a 15 litre bottle and the option of cool/cold or hot/cold water. Available to lease or own.
• Bench top water purifier provided to fill 15L bottle with pure water
• Stainless steel cold water reservoir
• Cold water temperature is approx. 9°C . Controlled by an adjustable thermostat easily accessible outside the cooler
• Stainless steel hot water tank installed with internal heating element. An automatic thermostat maintains the temperature at 85°C
Perfect for at home, the office, staffroom or factory to provide refreshing purified water for everyone.
KWMCC - Cool/Cold
KWMHC - Hot/Cold

Width: 310mm, Depth: 310mm, Height: 534mm

Discount available on orders 2 or more - Contact us for more details

Price includes everything required for installation including a water purifier and cooler bottle meaning you have an unlimited supply of chilled, pure water. You do not pay per bottle and refill your own when required.

From: $632.50

or 6 weekly payments from NZ$105.42
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