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Aqua Rain Snorkel

Most tanks water is drawn from the bottom of our tanks and this is the worst water in the tank.


Any organic matter that does get into the tank naturally sinks to the bottom of the tank. It is that organic material (rotting leaves and debris) that micro-organisms (bacteria) live on. The micro-organisms live amongst this sediment layer where they break down the organic matter. The micro-organisms need oxygen to live and so use the oxygen from the water and so create anaerobic zones (low oxygen zones) in the bottom (approximately 300mm) of the tank. This is where the outlet is for most homes.


It is so easy to avoid taking water from this zone and instead take the freshest oxygenated from near the top of your tank. Simply install an AquaSnorkel: a floating pipe that feeds the fresh water from the top of the tank into the house. This guarantees homes the freshest oxygenated water at all times.



Aqua Rain Snorkel - TAR-SN

Price: $335.00 NZD

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Expected delivery time of 3-5 business days. Overseas shipping is sometimes available on request. Please contact us to check.

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